1937 3 HP John Deere EP
John Deere introduced the EP stationary engine in 1937, starting with serial number 343975. The EP engine was designed primarily to power John Deere implements and as an all-purpose engine for the dusty conditions of Southern potato and peanut fields. The “E” stands for “environment” while the “P” stands for “protected.” The EP engine is also called the Southern E and the peanut engine.

Some of the EP engines were shipped from the factory to Deere & Webber Co. in Minneapolis, Minn. There, the oil bath air cleaner and the large muffler were removed and replaced with the regular 3 HP Type E mixer body (part number E 89 RT) and muffler (part number AE 70 RT). The Deere & Webber branch house sold these engines on the Dain No. 14 hay press. (Our generation would know the hay press as a hand-feed and hand wire-tied hay bailer.) This engine became know as the Northern EP.

The EP engine was only made in the 3 HP size, with an enclosed head and pushrod to protect the valves and exhaust lever from dust. The EP engine also has an oil bath air cleaner, main bearing dust shields and a cover for the water hopper. The crankcase is vented. The muffler used on the EP is similar to the muffler used on the John Deere BR tractor. The hit-and-miss governor controls the RPM of the engine by eliminating the power stroke (the pushrod holds the exhaust valve open until the engine RPM decreases). The WICO impulse magneto will fire the spark plug on every fourth piston stroke, even though the exhaust valve is being held open by the hit-and-miss governor.
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1937 3 HP John Deere EP
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The American Flyer Franklin train
American Flyer Trains, first manufactured by the American Flyer Manufacturing Co. in Chigaco, IL. They manufactured Clock Work trains and later Wide Gauge and "O" Gauge Electric Trains.
The first 50 Frontiersman sets made were specially packaged. A gold seal sticker on the boiler front of the locomotive identified it as a special anniversary set.

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